Question: What do I do before I tan?
Answer: Start by removing any unwanted hair 8 hours prior to your spray tan. Although it seems like a good idea to be freshly shaven the day of, Don’t. The solution can settle into your pores and hair follicles and may results in an unwanted freckled appearance. The day of your tan, please shower and use an exfoliating scrub over your entire body to insure an even application- Good exfoliation BEFORE your tan is needed to ensure you get an even smooth tan, & to maintain natural fading. Avoid using lotions, perfumes or deodorants before your tan-These can create a barrier between the tan and your skin, causing streaks. Following your spray tan please wait 8 hours before you shower and take care when washing your hands. We suggest any activities that heats up your body; working out, steam, and swimming should be avoided while the tanner is adhering to your skin.


Question: What should I wear the day of my tan?
Answer: You will want to wear dark loose fitting clothing; a maxi dress, loose skirt, or anything that doesn’t cling to your body. Sweat pants and shirt are ok, as long as they are loose and not clingy.




Question: Do I need to bring anything?
Answer:  Wear your own bathing suit, your birthday suit, or whatever you want to tan in (something dark or something you're ok with getting tanner on)



After 8 hours, shower using a body wash or shower gel.  You will notice brown in the water, this is a good thing, your tan is not washing off- this is just the cosmetic bronzer washing off, your real tan is underneath this bronzer. Avoid exfoliating skin and hair removal products.  (Do not use loofas or washcloths) Avoid using bar soaps, high pH shower products.


Moisturize at least twice a day with a water based lotion. Hydrated skin makes your tan last longer and slows down the process of natural skin exfoliation. Alcohol based products are drying to the skin and can cause a tan to fade quicker and unevenly.


Do not exercise immediately following your tanning session. Excessive perspiration can affect the tanning process and result of your tan.


Tans last anywhere between 5-10 days, depending on maintenance and individual skin types.







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